History of the St. Joseph Children’s Home, 2823 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY

The Louisville cholera epidemic of 1832 took many lives and left many children as orphans. During that time, a handful of German Catholics, recognizing the grave need to care for these children, formed the St. Joseph Catholic Orphan Society, in 1849. The Society built its first home in 1850, but increasing numbers of children needing care prompted several locations before settling at the present site in Crescent Hill in 1885.

Project Description
In order to meet the therapeutic environment and needs of the children, a specialized youth housing complex was developed. As the Site / Civil Engineers, BTM Engineering, Inc. was given the responsibility to design and develop the 6.0 acre project. The scope included Planning Commission Approval, Construction Approval and Construction Staking. BTM’s structural team provided structural design for the cottages and site retaining walls and worked with ABEL Construction who served as the general contractor and architect for this project.

The project included the relocation of a large playground and equipment, sanitary sewer main and overhead electrical service to make way for the residential complex. The residential complex consisted of four housing units on 3.0 acres of the overall 6.0 acre project.

Each cottage will offer a homelike environment and will be adaptable to both current and future requirements. In a child-friendly environment BTM had to approach all areas of the development with safety in the forefront. Considerations of accessible routing and grading were a priority in designing the multi-level campus.

The St Joseph Children’s Home property is located within an area where the stormwater systems are at capacity. The campus expansion is served by an onsite detention basin that was designed and developed within the plan as a means of stormwater mitigation.

The expansion project is being funded through a $5.5 million capital campaign. For more info on the St. Joseph Children’s Home Picnic For the Kids click here.